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2011 Award of Excellence - National Barbecue Association

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Beer Butt Chicken Plank
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Home of the BBQ Grilling Sets and Now?

Dit, Dit, Da, Dit...Dit, Dit, Da, Dit...New Product Announcement

Larry the Cable Guy Beer Can PlankYes, there is no doubt our "Grilling Sets" are a great gift item for those grilling experts in your family. They get those creative cooking juices flowing for sure. But now let me introduce you to the cutest little buggers you have ever seen. Finally someone has decided to officially include chicken, beef, and pork into the family of planking. Now Chef Locke has known for years what cooking planks and wraps can do for any type of meat or poultry and now we have taken his appreciation for this healthy, delicious way to cook food and come up with the perfect flavor blends to go with fish, chicken, beef or pork individually and actually created planks with multiple wood flavors in each plank. Because of his patented interlocking feature, we have been able to join different flavors in our planks to give you the perfect blend for the type of meat you will be cooking.

That's right:

  • cedar, maple and oak for chicken (Mmmm...smokin!);
  • alder, cedar and hickory for beef (I'm gettin' mighty hungry ma!);
  • alder, cedar and oak for pork (oink, oink for those delicious, juicy ribs my brother!);
  • alder, maple and cedar for that fresh Pacific Salmon (stop it! stop it! My tummy is a rumblin').

Fish and Chicken Blended Planks

"I know, I know, it is getting so hot in here someone needs to turn on the air conditioning. But I can't help it." This could be the greatest Grilling and BBQ product ever! I mean this could be the Cadillac of all planks; the cherry on top of the whip cream; the crown on the King's noggin'...

And these little jewels can come in the individual serving size such as we are displaying here or in a family size for that "family size" cut of meat. Give this a try and you will enjoy something really special. Ask your grocer, butcher, general store...if they have the Chef Locke Blended Grilling Planks and if they don't, tell them that the Chef Locke train is leaving the station and they need to get on board. more info

Just Added to Our Line!!

Cedar BasketsWe at Kelly Craig have just introduced our newest products designed to compliment our line of Chef Locke planks and wraps.

Beautiful cedar baskets and trays.

  • 100% cedar
  • interlocking box joints secured with wooden dowels

These baskets and trays make wonderful compliments to the Chef Locke cooking planks and wraps for storage, carrying plates and utensils from inside to BBQ, holding smoke bombs and cookies ready to soak for added flavor and much more. And each basket makes a wonderful addition to any room in the house because of its beautiful rich look and natural sweet aroma,

Welcome to our

"Chef Locke's Plank Grilling Recipe Section"

Family Plank Dinners

Chicken Grilling Recipes

Salmon Plank Recipes

Using Blended Chips/Smoke Bombs


Pizza Pie Plank Recipes

Gourmet Wrap Recipes

Blended Plank Recipes

Pork and Planks



Cedar Serving TraysThe trays come in a set of two just right for either serving guests or getting everything out to the patio. Cedar trays are not only beautiful but very functional and light weight and built to last for a lifetime.


  • Large 20" x 16" x 3"
  • Small 16" x 11" x 2.5"

Cedar not only gives off a wonderful scent that serves as a natural air freshener for any room, cedar is known to help prevent mildew. And with a light sanding periodically with a find grade sandpaper, you can bring back both the scent and natural beauty at any time.Ask about basket display...

Cedar baskets and trays by Kelly Craig LLC

Other items:

Cooking Wraps Cooking Wraps
Smoke Bombs
Smoking Chips
Pizza Planks
Beer Can Planks
The Kettle Plank
and much more...





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"Cedar Wraps and Alder Wraps met one starlit evening on a hillside outside Snohomish, WA in the Spring of 1883 and there began a warm relationship that has endured for over a century. They have both enhanced Salmon and poultry as well as vegetables and fruit and together have brought their unique smoky flavor to tables throughout the world to the delight of millions sitting around the table and opening their presents on the plate."

Stuffed Onions and MoreWell, well, well, what have we here? I knew it was only a matter of time before you started to spread your wings and let the cat out of the bag about cooking other than meat on a plank. Now this is absolutely exciting- one of those rare moments in life where it is just best to holler a but "YAHOO!" because this is bigger than big and a big "YAHOO!" just flat fits.

Just look at those delicious stuffed onions and mushrooms. If that doesn't wet your lips then you just might not be kickin' - time to call the wagon to the stall, if you know what I mean. There are so many possibilities here it is beyond beyond. Imagine what caterers can do. And what about those fancy hotels? Oh my goodness if they only knew. And we aren't going to stop there.

With our slat construction, there is no limit to our cooking surface. We can build whatever we need. So let's talk about this and see what we need to do. I'm excited, how about you?



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